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Best Halloween Throwback Movies

Hocus Pocus- Ah yes a classic! Hands down one of the most iconic Halloween movies out there, you can’t have Halloween without a visit from your three favorite witches.


Nightmare Before Christmas- Who doesn’t love a visit from our favorite neighborhood skeleton? (and also part-time Santa Claus when necessary)


Halloweentown- This whole series is chef's kiss (except for that last movie, say what you will). What’s better than having a magical grandmother who takes you to a whole town dedicated to Halloween? Yes, there are foes to fight off, but the outcome is well worth the trouble. This movie is most definitely one of my favorite Disney-made Halloween films.


Twitches- Our favorite twins turned witches or better yet twitches. It is a story about two twins separated at birth and reunited by their powers to fight against darkness. It is truly a great storyline and all of the movies are pretty good in my opinion. Check it out for sure if you already haven’t! 


Coraline- Hands down one of the most traumatizing children’s movie out there, but this has got to be one of my favorite movies of all time.


Scary Godmother-Now the CGI is a little stale in this one honestly, however the story itself is chef's kiss. You could’ve caught this movie any time in the early 2000s-2010s on Cartoon Network.


Monster House-Okay, let’s cut the crap. What kids wasn’t at least mildly afraid of this movie? Nothing says Halloween like our fun loving murderous house.


Beetlejuice- This movie put striped pants on the map and now every time I see a pair, I’m constantly reminded. It's a story about a couple who tragically die in an accident and try to protect their house but run into the infamous: Beetlejuice. It's a great movie to watch with the family and one that never gets old!


Edward Scissorhands- This movie is tooo precious. You get a stellar performance from Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder about an animated human who has scissorhands and a knack for cutting things such as hedges and hair. A true tale about a gentle giant who falls in love. A very well written story with an even better message. Definitely a fan favorite

Casper- Well if it isn’t, our friendly ghost Casper. This movie is timeless across generations


Adams Family- You might have a faint memory of them learning the days of the week to the Adams family theme song. What Halloween movie watch party is complete without this? The epitome of the best family costume (next to the incredibles).


Hotel Transylvania-One of the newer Halloween kids movies to spring up but a good one nonetheless. In this movie we get to see the infamous Dracula from a whole new perspective. Our favorite vampire is now seen as a loving family oriented businessman.


Corpse Bride- A truly tragic story but a phenomenal soundtrack. Also, the animation is top tier and the aesthetic is giving everything it’s supposed to have given. This is another great halloween costume for those who may be confused on what they want to be this year.


Girl vs Monster- A truly great performance from our favorite former kickin it star-Olivia Holt. Disney really never misses with their Halloween movies and this one was for sure one of the last really good Disney channel films. I don’t know about y’all, but this movie lowkey scared me as a child. Definitely a must watch.


Rocky Horror- Okay I know I said Hocus Pocus is a classic (which it very much is) but this movie right here is really A CLASSIC. 10/10 one of my favorite Halloween movies. You get horror, you get comedy, and you get music. For all my theater kids out there, this one for sure might tickle your fancy.


My Babysitters a Vampire- If you grew up in the 2010s you know how big of a deal this movie was. It had a whole generation wanting to be vampire (you know except for Twilight but moving on). Not only was it a good movie but it was an even better show that got cut off with way too soon. If you haven’t seen this movie, I definitely recommend that you watch.


Gremlins- If it isn’t our favorite psychopathic, candy loving, absolutely adorable creatures. C'mon you can’t have Halloween without these cute little critters involved somewhere on the movie roster. However, don’t let that cuteness fool you, I didn’t throw psychopathic in there for no reason.