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Social Justice: The Verdict of George Floyd


"Over 60 years of mistreatment without consequences, from Emmett Till to today. Only now can we finally begin to evoke a change within our system.

When I log on to school tomorrow morning, I expect to have important conversations among my classmates and teachers in chats or verbally to see what this means for our generation. Schools must realize that this can be a lot for youth to take in, and if we are not talking about it with someone, it can lead to inaction rather than effective action. Adults must understand that the youth have a voice that can change the world. I believe that if we listen to each other, we make a difference in our justice and education systems."

-Mikayla Higgins of the LeadONE Communications Council

Mikayla's writing on the George Floyd verdict was published at


Please check out the full article and support

5 Must Haves For an Awesome Quarantine Summer

#5- A Playlist
A playlist is a complete must have because it is time to leave the house and bust a move outside. In order to do that, you have to have a bomb playlist. If you do not know to start, we have an incredible playlist curated by Ms. Blair Thomas on the blog, so check it out below and enjoy yourself. If you are creating your own playlist, here are some questions to think about:

- What specific vibe am I looking for?
- Is the music I pick going to put me in the mood ?
- Is the playlist universal? (meaning: What songs am I going to include from multiple genres?)


The most important thing with the playlist is to make sure that you are having fun, and that you
are vibing with what you created or found.

#4- Organization
With this summer being incredibly short, a lot of people are trying to get things done or have fun, but the key thing is to stay organized and come ready to enjoy yourselves. With planning your summer, try putting the most important things at the beginning, so that you can
have fun towards the end of the summer. If you have schoolwork to do throughout the summer , DO NOT STRESS, here are tips to help you get through your work and have fun in the summer.

- Take your summer work and break it up into pieces. This way you are not stressed about the immense amount of work that maybe given throughout the summer.

If you are unsure about what to do over the summer, here are a few ideas that you could potentially do over the summer. These ideas may cost a few dollars, but it is completely worth it.

As the school year is coming to an end and the summer season is revving up, it is important for us to make the most of our summer, since we did not get to do anything last summer. It is also the shortest summer that we as students get to experience, so we have to make the best of it. There are also a lot of things opening up in the summer, and I am bringing you the top 5 must haves to have an awesome summer vacation.

- Have a picnic with your friends in the park
- Having a movie night in the backyard (with friends and/or family)
- Game Night ( this idea works both virtually and in-person)

These are only just a few ideas to execute when you feel like there is nothing else to do. The key takeaway is to plan and organize your summer, so that you can make the most of your summer.

#3- A Binge Worthy List of TV Shows/Movies
A summer is never complete without having an awesome list of shows/ movies to watch when you are not feeling the intense summer heat. Making a list of TV shows and staying up until 3 am watching these shows and movies is probably one of the best feelings in the world. When creating your awesome list, here are some things to think about:

- What are some shows that you have been putting off all school year?
- Could you possibly watch it in one setting?
- What shows interest you in any type of way?

If you can not think of any answers to these questions, ask a friend to give you a suggestions of things to watch, and watch those movies.

#2-The Vaccine

Now I know a lot of people are skeptical of the what the vaccine may hold, but if you are still unsure about the vaccine, please check out our article on COVID Mythbusters or the CDC website. Having the vaccine gives you the opportunity to show your face without a mask, when fully vaccinated. This must have is completely optional, but it is encouraged that you go and get the vaccine. If you are getting the vaccine here are some things to keep with you when you are
get your vaccine.

- Your medical history
- Any pain medication just in case there is pain from the shot

#1- Confidence
Coming outside the house to reintegrate into society maybe the roughest thing to do. Having confidence is a great thing to have especially showing off your summer fits. Showing attitude lets other people know how strong and confident you are especially as you reintegrate into society. If you are struggling with coming back into the workplace or society in general, check
out our article "5 Tips to Make Reentry Into Society Society Easier" below
. Confidence starts inward and works its way out, so here are a few motivation mantras to say to yourself as you begin your day.

- I am strong and beautiful/handsome, and I can make it through today.
- I can do anything I put my mind to.
- I am unstoppable.

The things you say on the inside will translate to the outside, and as the day progresses,
remember that you are amazing and you can do anything.

Winner of Last Blog's "What Is The Hardest Part of Staying Motivated?" Poll

1st Place-Procrastination/Time Management

2nd Place (tie)-Removing Distractions and Priortizing

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