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  1. Kentaji Brown Jackson’s Confirmation


Kentaji Brown Jackson has been confirmed by the Senate and will be the first Black Supreme Court Justice in American history. She is the most qualified candidate for the position, with an Ivy League law degree and a federal judgeship under her belt. She should be sworn in by late June or early July. This is a huge win for Black girls everywhere, and this is a momentous occasion. Way to go Kentanji!


    2. NBA Playoffs

Right now, our own Memphis Grizzlies are in second place in the Western Conference. We are currently tied with the Golden State Warriors 1-1 and we beat the Minnesota Timberwolves 4-2. It was a surprising win for us because we lost the first two games, and in the next two games, we made comebacks worth 26 and 13 points all in the fourth quarter. Let’s continue to support our team!


    3. Met Gala 

The Met Gala just happened this past Monday, with the theme this year being, “American Fashion in the Gilded Ages.” Not a lot of people seemed to understand or cared to understand the theme. Gilded age fashion focuses on the 1870s to the 1900’s fashion, with corsets, exaggerated skirts, and exaggerated sleeves on display. Some people just ignored the theme altogether. One person who understood the assignment was Blake Lively, who wore a bronze to the green ensemble in the representation of the oxidation of the Statue of Liberty, with the structure matching the Empire State Building. Some more people on this roster are Lizzo, Billie Eilish, Normani. Now we have to wait and see how many people will understand next year’s assignment. 


Written by: Blair Thomas

Results from "Who should win the Academy Award for "Best Supporting Actress" Poll: 

1st Place Winner: Kristen Dust in Belfast

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