Summer Experience 

Most students are accepted into REACH Memphis in the fall of their sophomore year and immediately begin preparing for their first summer academic experience as opportunities become available. Six months of in-depth academic support, life skill sessions and other unique experiences with mentors, professionals and peers across the country and in the city prepare them to attend in-person or participate virtually in a multi-week program at a college or university, one of the top preparatory schools in the Northeast, or a highly-defined leadership program. Programs are ​located throughout the United States and are designed to help students discover learning in different environments, test independence, compete on an international level, and explore interests in a specific college major. Experiences gained and lessons learned become the basis for the next two years of college readiness counseling.

"During my five weeks at Cushing Academy, I was introduced to a new love of international cultures. Students from all around the world came together-despite their differences-to learn from one another. We were united by a love of learning and a desire to be the best versions of ourselves. I couldn't have asked for a better way to spend my summer."

-Caila Brownlee, Class of 2018

"I learned to jump at any opportunity given in improving my future. I learned that the time to act is now. Exeter helped me stay true to myself-no matter where I am now or where I will be in the future."

-Kenneth Chiu, Class of 2019

"I learned so much from the program that I will continue to use in my everyday life. This experience opened my eyes to something new. I learned about myself, how I work with others, and the attitude I have to bring with me to college. I am thankful for the opportunity."

-Zoe Spikner, Class of 2020