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5 Places to Decorate a Dorm (On a Budget)

by Kahla McKinnie

SENIORS!!! The time has come; the fated day is upon us, for those who are going to college we are being presented with the most pressing of tasks: decorating our dorm room. Now i don’t know about you but with the price of college constantly rising the last thing I want to do is pay an arm and a leg for decorations; so here are five helpful tips on how to decorate your dorm for less (with added disclaimers).

No.1- Amazon. Now this answer should come to no surprise. I mean they have everything from A-Z with affordable prices. You can easily make a list to send out to family, friends, loved ones, teachers, or anybody who'd be willing to pay and share it with them. (Pro tip: for your college registry list to loved ones ask for Amazon, Walmart, and Target gift cards and then ask for money too :))

No.2-Walmart. Now this is going to be your bestfriend. Unlike Amazon you can easily make a store run here without having to pay for shipping. The little stuff such as your washcloths, trash cans, bedsheets, etc. can easily be picked up from here at a fairly reasonable price (please stay away from Target if you truly value your pockets just saying).

No.3- DIY. Now some DIYs can be costly but others not so much. You can easily make a collage/photo wall by printing out your favorite images and simply sticking it to your wall with tape. To give it that extra razzle dazzle go back in and outline it with washi tape. Want a chalkboard wall but can’t use paint? No worries you can easily make your own by getting a chalkboard wallpaper. These are just a few ideas so this option is going to require a little more creativity with the first two, but never fret because this can be used as a binding experience with your new room/hall mates.

No.4-Make lists. This one is to simply make your life a whole lot easier. It’s just like going grocery shopping when you’re hungry and don’t have a list, it’s a nightmare waiting to happen. Everything you see that looks slightly edible is going to be shoved in the basket and before you know it you spent all this money on food you might not even eat. This same concept applies to shopping. How many times have you been somewhere and unnecessarily spent your money? Exactly. By creating a list this can help organize your thoughts and it can further help you pinpoint where to find the cheapest options, because the goal is to be cute but affordable.

Last but not least

No.5- Have fun. I know all of this can be slightly stressful or confusing but relax. You did it. You came this far and dorm room shopping is not going to kill you. Make sure to get with your roommate to see if you guys are doing a share theme and have fun. Go on a Walmart run with your new friends and then after you guys can grab a bite to eat at the CAF. Any experience(for the most part) can be turned into something good, it all depends on how you look at it. So have fun and best of wishes with decorating your dorm rooms!!!


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