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Our Programs

REACH Memphis strives to improve the lives of our students through our programming. Each program has specific goals and outcomes to best help our students achieve excellence. From summer experience to mentoring, our students get the support they need to REACH their full potential. 

Our 10th grade students are offered an opportunity to attend a in-person or virtual college/university, preparatory school, or expedition over the summer to expose them to a different environment and gain new skills.

As students return from their summer experience, they enter into the RUN Program, which is aimed to help them best accomplish their goals through college counseling and scholars programs.

Throughout each stage in our program, students are provided with qualified mentors to help encourage, guide, and care for them as they develop through every stage of their lives.

Our students are afforded the opportunity to hone and expand their leadership skills through two programs aimed to help them do that.


Summer Experience

Mentoring Program

Leadership Opportunities

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