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Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Movie Review (Spoiler Alert!)

by Alyse Akins

Marvel’s movie Black Panther: Wakanda Forever has been the most anticipated movie of the year. As it is a sequel to the original movie Black panther, it was a long waited paragon by fans. It is based of a country called in Africa called Wakanda, representing Africa to its fullest glory. In some ways it's the Afrofuturist imagination of what Africa could be with its technologically advanced society. The main lead Chadwick Boseman who played prince T’ Challa died in year 2020 making this more than just a movie, but a tribute to his life. Fans wore all white and their African tribal colors for the commemorance and memorable event. The performances were very emotional and authentic bringing on a powerful atmosphere portraying black culture and black excellence.

One of the biggest questions asked leading up to the movie was “Who is going to be the next Black Panther of Wakanda?” His sister, Princess Shuri didn’t really take on as the leader of Wakanda but she did end up becoming black panther to protect her home. Although this movie was a testimony to Chadwick Boseman, it wasn’t centered around his death. We are introduced to Namor, who is the ruler of the nation, Talokan. Similar to Wakanda, Talokan stayed hidden and out of sight from the rest of the planet, using vibranium to advance themselves and their home. In the first movie prince T’ Challa makes vibranium known to the outside world to create peace and share their technology to advance the worlds safety, angering the Talokans and creating a huge clash between the two nations. The conflict grows throughout the movie with both nations attacking until Ramonda (black panther’s mom) dies, then there is a full size war. In the end Princess Shuri and Namor agree on a common ground and stop fighting, ending the movie in a trainquil, but menacing spirit because although the war between Wakana and Talokan ended, the war with the foreignors hasn’t. As the movie comes to an end we are aquainted by Prince T’Challa and Nakia’s son, Toussaint (T’Challa in Hatian). This preps the audince to exspect a third movie as it tells his story. As a whole, this movie was a masterpeice and a one of a kind. From the music to costumes to the cast, Marvel did an amzing job honoring Chadwick’s death while still having an exceptional movie.

Wakanda Forever!

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