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Underrated Black Artists

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

Kristin Blake

February is Black History Month. To celebrate, we’re listing our top 4 underrated Black music artists.


EarthGang is a hip hop duo (Johnny Venus and Doctur Dot) based out of Atlanta, Georgia. The group formed in 2008 while the pair were still in high school, and in 2017, they were picked up by Dreamville Records.

Recommended Song: Blue Moon

Orion Sun

Orion Sun is a queer singer-songwriter and producer from Philadelphia. She released her first song, “Voicemail”, on YouTube in 2013. She has been releasing music since then with her latest release being in 2021.

Recommended Song: Sailing

Alex Isley

Alex Isley is another singer-songwriter from Los Angeles. Her music can be described as “R&B with hip hop and jazz influences.” Her latest song “Still Wonder” released in 2021.

Recommended Song: Good & Plenty


Last but not least, KIRBY. Kirby is an artist from right here in Memphis, TN. She wrote songs such as “FourFiveSeconds” performed by Rihanna, “Die with You” performed by Beyoncé, and “Break Your Heart Right Back” by Ariana Grande. She released her first studio album, Sis, in 2020.

Recommended Song: Boyz II Men

Want to hear some more songs by black artists? Below is a curated Spotify playlist for you!

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1 Comment

Faith 409
Faith 409
Feb 15, 2022

I am astonished that I didn't know that KIRBY had worked for big names like Ariana Grande and Beyonce .

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