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Top 3 Trends of the Month

By Niobi Elliot

What’s New Doc?

With a lot of new things happening around the world and in our lives right now, it is

important to stop and look at some of the things that have recently started to appear in the news.

Here are the top three trending topics happening in the United States and around the world.

(Links to various news stories will be provided below each subject.)

#3 – New Supreme Court Justice

Given that it is Women’s History Month, what better way to start the article than talking

about the newly nominated lawyer that may be appointed to SCOTUS. Her name is Judge

Ketanji Brown Jackson, and if appointed she would take Justice Breyers’ seat on the bench. Her

story is so interesting, because if appointed, she would become the first African American female

to serve and she would also be the first public defender to be on the bench.

If you would like to read more into it, click on this link:



#2- New Movies added on Disney+

This is an interesting topic to briefly talk about, because Disney+ has added a lot of new

movies , like “Turning Red”(which is a really great movie), and also bringing back a lot of older

things such as “Westside Story”. A new feature Disney+ has also added is a TV-MA feature, for

mature content that they have added. The link below will show some new shows and movies

Disney is putting out over the next couple of months.


#1- Fights in Ukraine and Russia

There are a lot of things happening aboard, however the war between Ukraine and Russia

has been spreading like wildfire. From the research that was gathered, the story is Russia wants

to rekindle it’s relationships with the countries that formally made up the USSR; so it started

with Ukraine. There have been multiple reports of bombings and various takeovers. The UN

(United Nations) collectively plan to support Ukraine and all the people who live there by

sending troops, offering asylum in various countries, and so much more. For those who wish to

read more into the situation, multiple news links will be provided that cover this situation.

Links :


These are the trending topics for this month, and there were some that were missed,

please comment down below. Also check out some of our other articles that are featured on the


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