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Top 10 Christmas Movies

It’s the most wonderful timmmee of the yearrrr: CHRISTMAS. Time to whip out the matching pajamas and the hot cocoa because here are my top 10 Christmas movies (with a bonus review)

Nightmare Before Christmas- Whether it be Christmas or Halloween this movie works just fine for getting you in the spirit! With this Tim Burton classic, be prepared to witness the people of Halloween town try to have their own Christmas. I rate this movie a 4/5 just because I feel like Jack was doing just a tad bit much at certain moments.

Home Alone-Ah yes one of the, if not the most, influential Christmas movies out there. This movie really put live action Christmas movie on the map. With three movies (and a few “remakes” but we don’t talk about those) we get to see Kevin experience Christmas, well, alone. I rate this one a 4.5/5 and the only reason it didn’t get a perfect score is because how can you forget your child THREE WHOLE TIMES!!!

How the Grinch Stole Christmas- Both animated and live action this movie takes the cake for being one of my favorite movies. From the silly expressions to the bright colors and the overall story line the movie adaptation of the classic book by Dr. Seuss takes it home with a whopping score of 5/5.️

This Christmas-I’m not too sure about y’all, but every time the holidays roll around I patiently wait for BET to show this movie on repeat. Another one of my favorites and a movie I can never get tired of it. 5/5.️

The Polar Express-THIS MOVIE RIGHT HERE defined my childhood. Anytime there was a Christmas party this movie and hot cocoa made for the perfect formula to get into the Christmas mood. I mean who else doesn’t like watching a magical train ride to the north pole? 5/5.️

Frosty the Snowman- This is another movie that was very influential in my childhood. We get to see a funny loving snowman by the name of frosty get a chance at life. IT'S THE ABSOLUTE CUTEST 5/5.️(bonus tip: has to be the original version)

Rudolph- Ok, so I also had this movie on DVD and let’s just say I scratched it up nice and good with the amount of times I watched it. Practically everyone knows the tune of Rudolph the red nose reindeer so seeing his story in front of my eyes is just absolutely delightful. 5/5. ️

Elf- Anyone hungry for some pasta? This movie is yet another classic that ages gracefully through the years. Even though I’d never, and I do mean ever, touch elf “pasta” in a million years, it’s still pretty entertaining to see 5/5. ️

A Charlie Brown Christmas- A age old Christmas tale that follows the infamous characters of Charlie Brown and his crew. People from all ages can sit down and delight in it together so for that I give it a 5/5️

The Best Man Holiday- This is another movie that I’ve seen a million times (courtesy of BET). This sequel to the hit movie “The Best Man” follows years after the events that occurred in the first movie. This time it’s the holidays and the group is meeting back up again like the good old days. I rate this a 4/5 only because the ending is really sad (if you haven’t seen this heed this warning).

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