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Preparing for a Virtual Summer Experience

Many of you are about to embark on your summer experience, and many of you are disappointed that it is virtual. That's completely understandable! Just keep in mind their are still plenty of positives to take away from this experience.

Here are some quotes from seniors Mikayla Higgins and Lauryn Davis who share their positive takeaways from their experience at Missouri University's Virtual Journalism Workshop last summer:

"The camp lasted only a week and everyday I learned something I did not know before. I was able to get a deeper understanding about the world of journalism and a possible career path in Public relations...The professors were very open and warm hearted about us having a relationship outside the camp and communicate with them after the workshop as possible contacts. "-Lauryn Davis, Class of 2021, Middle College
"While participating in the program I learned valuable time management skills, while also getting a glimpse of my future career....The thing I liked the most about the program was the variety of speakers that joined in. I believe that if the program was done in person those speakers may not have been able to contribute to the experience and by the program being virtual it made them more accessible to us students."-Mikayla Higgins, Class of 2021, Whitehaven High

Words of advice

"It is important that you all take the initiative to learn more about your peers,

speakers, and teachers and make sure you are equipped with the tools necessary to be successful in the program. We are all REACH students which means we have the ability to be successful in anything as long as we give enough effort. Your summer experiences can lead to growth in many ways. It is your choice whether or not it happens."

-Mikayla Higgins, Class of 2021, Whitehaven High

Kelley Stone (Bartlett High, Class of 2022) who participated in the University of TN's Accounting and Information Management (AIM) Program last summer. She gives her advice and shares about her summer experience in the video below!

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