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Pandemic for Humans, Freedom for Animals

by Kasidi Jordan

When Covid-19 struck the world, people were put into quarantine but many of the animals began to come out into the world again. Before we were put into quarantine many wild animals would stray away from people and stay out of sight, as people disappeared the animals began to reappear.

Covid-19 was actually beneficial to those animals that we humans typically harm. Many instances of cars striking opossums, hedgehogs, deer, and many other animals took a turn decreasing as the pandemic began. Also, the little insects that are always blasted by cars each day were able to pollinate larger amounts due to less traffic. The decline in cars wasn’t the only thing beneficial to wildlife, but also many factories didn’t work during this time. With a drop in the usage of two of the things that can cause the most pollution the air and atmosphere quality actually got better, not only is that good for the animals but also us.

Many wild animals could be seen in places that were taken by humans all over the world. In Chile, mountain lions were present in their capital city. There were coyotes howling throughout San Francisco again while there were lions relaxing on a golf course in South Africa.

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