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It's Okay To Be Single

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

Faith Jackson

Given the fact that Valentine’s Day is near, I understand your frustration with being single. Every corner you turn to is adorned with shades and hues of reds, whites, and pinks. The aisles are lined with chocolate and teddy bears. The songs played in stores are about love and triumph, while you have no way to relate. Even though you aren’t in a relationship, you also aren’t alone. On a place we call earth there has always been an idea of marriage or the union of one or more souls. While having companionship is nice, you don’t have to be in a relationship to find happiness. A lot of people prefer to not get in relationships, and would rather spend their time exploring places, themselves, and in general life.

Instead of feeling sorrowful about the fact that you don’t have anyone to go on a trip with, you could take the trip and possibly find who you are looking for. Or you can go on a date and get your own chocolate. We spend our time looking for ways to make life more meaningful with every second we have because at the end of the day we don’t often know how long we must live. Therefore, you should flow with and influence time as it comes instead of trying to predict it. You don’t have to chase what is already coming towards you, but that also means you can’t lock yourself in a room and let all your chances pass you by. You don’t need to fit into society’s deep-rooted stereotype that just so happens to feed the economy. You can pick what path you want to go on. You can learn what peace means to you. You can build an empire, while starting a stable foundation for the younger generation. You can become a superhero and have a secret cave that no one knows about. And I understand that some of these ideas aren’t compelling because they seem impossible to do but being in a relationship and sharing your soul with someone is nonetheless harder to do.

Being in a relationship sounds so easy, but like other things in life it is simple yet complex. We tend to rush ourselves to be ready for something that isn’t yet ready for us. So, until it comes you can sit back, learn, and enjoy yourself!! In the beginning there were multiple things that we clearly didn’t and still don’t know for sure, but in your beginning till your end you have and will be present. You have been able to see your rainy days and your accomplishments go by. And I understand that by the time you get to the bottom of this text, you will be annoyed with the word YOU, but if you are reading this text, it is about and for YOU. You know how it started, you know how it’s going, and every waking second you learn how it will go. If there isn’t anyone else, there will be YOU!!

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