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Music Recommendations for This Winter

Winter is finally cementing itself in Memphis—with chillier winds and shorter days, here are a few song recommendations for the winter!

While We Wait — Kehlani (ALBUM)

Even though this album isn’t explicitly created for the winter season, listening to it evokes an unexpected feeling of the season. It’s the type of album that one could listen to while relaxing at home after a cold day out, and the songs feel like winter themselves: slow and introspective, like reading your favorite book next to the fireplace. “Footsteps” creates the cozy atmosphere of a quiet night at home, huddled in one’s blankets. In “Nights Like This,” she sings, “On some nights like this, shawty / I can't help but think of us / I've been reminiscing, sipping, missing you,” a sentiment that holds as we begin to reflect on the past year and look forward to the year ahead of us. As a whole, the album is one that is deeply nostalgic and reflective, while still retaining the hidden warmth of winter.

Universe — EXO (SONG)


“Universe” is the title track of the Korean group EXO’s album of the same name. It’s a ballad that feels like it melts on your tongue or dissolves into a warm drink, evoking the pensiveness and quiet peacefulness of winter. In the chorus, the group sings, “I’ll search the universe / until I find you again”—evoking the emotions of longing and remembrance, and their vocals are smooth and velvety, adding to the fullness of the track. However, it doesn’t lack power despite being a ballad, starting out softly before building up to a powerful bridge. The vocals of this song are smooth and velvety, reminiscent of winter itself.

Ctrl — SZA (ALBUM)

Ctrl is an album that manages to be both chill yet deeply impactful. From hits like “Love Galore,” which evokes the image of a late night drive to slower tracks like “Garden,” the album feels magical somehow. All of the tracks have a cohesive atmosphere that, when listened to together, create a strong sense of emotion and nostalgia. In some way, winter feels like this too: where the nights are long and the darkness seems to amplify our thoughts and feelings.

All Too Well (Taylor’s Version) — Taylor Swift (SONG)

From the beginning lyrics “I walked through the door with you / the air was cold,” “All Too Well” perfectly captures the soft, delicate beauty of winter. As a remastering of the original 2012 with Swift’s more matured and fuller vocals, the song is a powerful ballad fit for the season.

Last Christmas — Wham! (SONG)

Of course, no winter playlist is complete without one of the most iconic Christmas songs. This song is a nostalgic Christmas anthem, part heartbreak, part determination. It’s a track that everyone can sing together at karaoke after sharing a years’ worth of memories and moments.

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