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An Eventful Season

by Kyndal Gladney

When you think about big events in April and May you probably think of Easter, Earth Day, Cinco de Mayo, or Mother’s Day. Which is understandable since most big corporations advertise their products for the occasion using flashy advertisements. There is nothing wrong with advertising your products, but they overshadow the less well-known events that occur when doing it. Most of you probably had no clue that there is a wide range of events that occur during these two months. So, let's talk about it.

April 23 is National Lover’s Day. This day gives people the opportunity to spoil their lover with gifts and affection. There is no definitive origin of this day, but some say that it came from Saint George’s Day. Saint George’s Day, which also occurs on April 23rd, is celebrated in Europe by taking the time to honor both love and literature. According to NATIONAL LOVER'S DAY - April 23, 2022 - National Today, Saint George, after whom the day is named, received this official honor from the Christian Church for having lived in a holy way. On April 29th-May 2 the Desert Heart festival occurs. According to Desert Hearts 2022 in Washington, DC | Everfest, Desert Heart throws an annual gathering every spring in the remote high desert – surrounded by hills and sheltered woods of the Los Coyotes Indian Reservation in Southern California – and a one-day City Hearts gathering in the heart of downtown Los Angeles every fall. Desert Hearts began as a 300-person get-together in 2012. Its founders subscribe to and foster an environment that cares more about community than profit margins. Not only are its followers escaping their everyday lives, but also the conditions of today’s larger festivals. City Hearts, which was added in 2017, aims to bring the alternative festival scene into an urban environment to expose more people to the overarching culture. City Hearts goes a step further by encouraging attendees to make a difference in the community and get involved with their new charity division called Helping Hearts, which partners with the Downtown LA Mission. Not only would you be having fun at the festival, but you would also be able to help their community by getting involved with this charity if you chose to. These are just of many events that happen during April, so what about May?

On May 7 International Astronomy Day occurs. International Astronomy Day was started by Doug Berger, who at the time was the president of the Astronomical Association of Northern California. He intended to get people in urban areas interested in astronomy. To do this, he set up telescopes that people could use to enjoy gazing at space. Since then, the event has gained popularity and the support of organizations such as educational institutions, space agencies, and museums. To celebrate the day people usually go to planetariums, take their telescope outside of the city, and watch Carl Sagan’s “Cosmos” documentary series. May 20th-21st is the Memphis Greek Festival. This festival last for two days and is used to celebrate Greek heritage and culture. Guests can enjoy savory Greek entrees, salads, baked goods, and other cuisine as they listen to traditional music and join in the dancing. They have church sanctuary tours, games for kids, a performance from an Athenian dance troupe, and the Kostas Kastanis Band play. So, there is fun for everyone.

There are other events that happen during these two months, but I wanted to highlight these four. I think these events are viable alternative events you can celebrate. You don’t have to celebrate these. Whether you decide to spend time with your family, lover, or yourself, I hope knowing about these allows you to find more things to experience and enjoy in your life.

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