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5 Tips to Make Reentry into Society a Little Easier

1. Physical Touch

After a whole year inside, it may be weird for some people to hug again, but not as weird for others. Before you shake hands or give someone a hug, make sure you’ve washed your hands or used sanitizer before making contact. It will feel weird at first because we’ve gotten into the habit of staying away from others, but soon the habit will return.

2. Don’t Rush Into Things

Since we’ve been locked away so long, our automatic instinct is to get back out there. But often when we do that, we exhaust ourselves mentally and physically. Make sure you ease yourself back into your extracurriculars, your friends, and other in person activities so you don’t tire yourself out.

3. Focus on What You Can Control

As people, we often look towards the big goal and ignore the small victories. If you ignore the small victories, you often stress yourself out, which isn’t very effective. Most people often felt out of control during this pandemic because everything has been taken away by being forced to stay at home.The little things are important, because they help use reach big life goals.

4. Be yourself

Since we’ve been quarantined physically, we’ve been quarantining our personalities and our emotions also. Make sure you show people who you are so that you can open up to the world again.

5. Smile

A smile goes a long way, so use it. That’s it, that’s the final tip!

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