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3 Famous People with Autism in Honor of Autism Awareness Month

Happy Autism Awareness Month! What is Autism Spectrum Disorder? Autism refers to a life-long disorder that is grouped by developmental disabilities that can cause social, behavioral, and communication challenges. Due to autism’s wide range of severity, many people go undiagnosed as no case of autism is the same. According to the CDC, about 1 in 54 children have been diagnosed with Autism.

1.Tim Burton

Tim Burton is famous for his horror and gothic films. The most notable being Corpse Bride, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and Beetlejuice. One of his more overlooked facts is his autism. Though he was not diagnosed as a child he often showed signs of seclusion. This leads him to take up more solitary hobbies like screenwriting, watching movies, and painting. His love for writing and watching movies lead to his many popular films.

2.Lewis Carroll

Lewis Carroll is more commonly known as the author of The Alice in the Wonderland and sequel Through the Looking Glass. Due to his autism, Lewis Carroll suffered from speech problems and self-isolating behavior. His neurodivergent can be seen in his obscure writing. Alice in Wonderland is known for its unique writing which is a result of Lewis’s disorder.

3.Anthony Hopkins.

Oscar-award-winning actor Anthony Hopkins was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome later in his life at the age of 77. The actor starred in numerous films the most famous playing Hannibal in the movie Hannibal and The Silence of the Lambs. Anthony Hopkins has high-functioning autism. He claims that it is due to him being on the autism spectrum that he is often seen as a loner. He believes that his autism has allowed him to grow as an actor because he often tends to be focused on a few narrow interests (acting being one of them).

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