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3 Amazing Beauty Pageant Winners

by Gabriella Dotson

Beauty Pageants are more than just pretty women with grace and confidence. Many of these women are doctors, lawyers, and employed in many other well-respected fields. These women are judged not only on physical appearance but their talents. Once they have won the pageant winners become ambassadors for the pageant and do humanitarian work.

  1. Cheslie Kryst was crowned Miss USA in 2019. Outside of pageantry, Mrs. Kryst worked as a lawyer. She was an employment attorney and advocate for criminal justice reform. During the final round of Miss Universe, Ms.Kryst took the opportunity to speak on the Me too movement. She spoke about how she believed that workplaces should be more inclusive and safe in the US. She continued her advocacy for women's rights in the workplace in her law firm. Cheslie Kryst tragically passed away at the age of 30 on January 30, 2022.

2. Nia Imani Franklin was crowned Miss America in 2019. Outside of Pageantry, Mrs. Franklin is a classical composer and opera singer. She is an advocate for the arts and founder of Compose Her. She speaks at schools and continues to compose music. Ms. Franklin recently released a piece called Chrysalis Extended for orchestra. Her music has been played by professional orchestras across the US including the Dallas Symphony.

3. Angela Ponce was crowned Miss Spain in 2018. She made history as being the first transgender woman to be crowned Miss Spain. She is a major advocate for LGBTQ rights across the world. Ms. Ponce also supports the ‘Daniela Foundation’ which is dedicated to raising awareness about trans rights. She has also appeared on many magazine covers including Vogue Spain.

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