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REACH Memphis Mentoring Program Purpose

The purpose of the REACH Memphis mentoring program is to assist our students in reaching their full potential socially, academically, and personally by:


  1. Helping the student prepare for and make the most of the summer experience.

  2. Helping the student and parent become comfortable with the student being away from home for the summer experience. 

  3. Ensuring student attends all mandatory workshops/training sessions/events. 

  4. Encouraging high school studies and activities that will build a strong college resume. 

  5. Encouraging students to attend ACT workshops and tutoring sessions. 

  6. Assisting students in obtaining college scholarships. 

  7. Helping students complete FAFSA in order to obtain government student loans. 

  8. Supporting students’ college preparation and selection efforts, and

  9. Helping students complete the college application process.


To learn more about our mentoring program, or to apply to become a REACH Memphis mentor, contact Candace Haggans, Director of Student Survices.

Interested in joining our family of REACH Memphis mentors? 

The Rewards of Mentoring

Having a long history of mentoring in association with several different organizations, I expected more of the same upon beginning service with REACH Memphis. Interestingly, my experience has been entirely different. Rather than being assigned to mentor one student, I've found myself acting as a role model not only for the students at REACH Memphis but also for other mentors. With approximately 45 years of law practice, I've seen almost everything and can share much with my young mentor colleagues as well as the even much younger students. I enjoy the opportunity to talk with the students, share my knowledge and keep the staff informed. My wife, Pat, now retired, usually accompanies me to group activities and makes her own contribution. I like to think that both mentors and students benefit from interacting with a couple, who clearly have shared a wonderful extended life together and take the time to encourage others to look forward to a similar life experience. We get back as much, if not more, as we give to REACH Memphis. 

-Prince Chambliss

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