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Our Scholar Groups 

National Society of Black Engineers Scholars

REACH Memphis NSBE Scholars discover the many fields of engineering and the coursework required to succeed as an engineer. With their mentors, scholars learn valuable research skills, work in teams, strengthen presentation skills, and design various engineering projects. 

International Paper Business


International Paper Business Scholars work with mentors from IP to learn about marketing techniques, supply chain management, corporate finance, and other aspects of business. Scholars learned about specific college subjects important for success in business. 

Healthcare Scholars

Law Scholars

Our Healthcare Scholars have had an exciting year, from touring Le Bonheur Children's Hospital, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, and Regional One Health Medical Center, to hearing from a number of current healthcare professionals. Throughout, the students gain valuable insight into various healthcare fields of interest. 

Law Scholars have the opportunity to see the law in action. They meet with lawyers and judges, sit in on court sessions, tour the court houses and law school, and learn the skills important to success in the field of law.  

Jay Uiberall Community Service Scholars

This year, we are honored to inaugurate the Jay Uiberall Community Service Scholars. Continuing in the tradition of honoring the life and legacy of Jay, this scholar group worked with five New Memphis Fellows to create a community service program curriculum that future Jay Uiberall Community Service Scholars will carry forward. Along the way, the scholars interacted with community leaders. 

Jay Uiberall Scholars

This program is made possible by the Jay Uiberall Legacy Fund. Students selected to participate in the program dedicate themselves to ten weeks of focus and discovery as they come together to learn: communication, public speaking, social etiquette, and many more important skills. 

Smith & Nephew Scholars

Smith & Nephew Scholars meet with attorneys, engineers, and medical professionals working at Smith & Nephew to explore medical technology pertaining to joints in the human body. Scholars tour manufacturing facilities and doctoral training campuses. They also learn about college paths for careers in the biomedical industry.  

Creative Scholars

Creative Scholars are introduced to methods of developing their artistic gifts and talents by exploring career opportunities in the creative arts. 

Picture by Faith Calvin, Class of 2019