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Top Three Must-Listen Albums by the End of 2021

*Warning: Some of these albums do have explicit songs, but there are clean versions to those songs.

Being a young teen, music is deeply rooted in everything I do. Whether it is walking my dog, doing homework, or just simply relaxing, music has always been there to set the mood for me to accomplish whatever task is in front of me. Music has also been a theme that constantly follows me, and it also follows each and everyone of us in some shape or form. As music is constantly being made, we tend to go to our genre of music and vibe out to things that we are comfortable listening to, however we should spread our wings and explore other genres of music. Here are a couple of albums that you should give a listen to before the end of this year.( This list is in no particular order)

#3– “Freudian” by: Daniel Caesar

Album Type: R&B

Daniel Caesar’s “Freudian” is an album that will tug on your heartstrings. Freudian can be interpreted in many ways, but the way I interpret it is a man who is questioning love and his lovers while simultaneously trying to figure out what love is to him. The production on this album is absolutely stunning, and I almost fangirled over this album. Some of the notable tracks are “Best Part” (ft. H.E.R) and Get You (ft. Kali Uchis). Both tracks are absolutely amazing, and the vocals on these songs are top tier. This album is perfect for when you want to get into the mood for love or if you want to cry your eyes out, because of love.

If you are still craving a little bit of Daniel after this album, I suggest you check out his latest album “Case Study 01” or some of his earlier works like “Pilgrim’s Paradise”. Both albums are amazing to vibe to.

#2 – “Hive Mind”- The Internet

Album Type: R&B

“Hive Mind” by The Internet, is an album meant for people who would want to relax to some chill beats. “Hive Mind” does not really have a specific meaning, but has multiple underlying meanings that I am still trying to interpret to this day. In my opinion, this album was absolutely flawless. From the sound to the beats to the production, everything just fell in place. Some notable tracks are “Come Over” and “ Stay the Night”. Both of these tracks are not only chill, but they carry this vibe that is unexplainable.

If you loved this project, you should go and check out “Ego Death” or the individual member’s works.

#1- “Latte Foam Art, Tiny Pumpkins, Fuzzy Comfy Socks”- Reach Memphis LeadOne Council

Album Type: Miscellaneous

This album by far is one of my favorites (probably because I helped compose it). The album “Latte Foam Art, Tiny Pumpkins, Fuzzy Cozy Socks” is composed of the best and most relatable songs that can get someone into the spirit for Spooky Season. This album includes songs such as “ Calling all the Monsters”, “Thriller”, “Time Warp” and other spooky classics. I highly suggest you give this album a listen, especially since it is the 1st of October. This album is enjoyable and one that you can listen to around the entire family.

By: Niobi Elliott

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