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Sophomores Community Service Projects in Review

The annual sophomore community service project was a success for everyone involved. Students began by doing an icebreaker where they got a chance to find out what summer experiences their peers are going to be attending. The top three winners received REACH shirts! They also got a chance to hear from both leadership teams at REACH, LeadONE and Student Executive Board, on their summer experiences, lessons learned from them, and how to prepare for this experience of a lifetime. Questions such as “How can I manage my money while I’m there?” and “What type of people will I meet?” were asked and answered by students and leaders. This was an opportunity for the new students to gain wisdom from veterans students as well as potential guidance in the future.

After the icebreaker and the Q & A, the students got started on their community service projects. The student’s assignment was to create an educational preschooler's game in order to prepare them for their kindergarten entrance exam. Students got into groups with people they did not know and brainstormed ideas with facilitators from the leadership teams. Activities ranged from matching games to candy land style games. Creativity filled the room, and, when each project was presented, everyone was celebrated for doing a job well done. Some of the big takeaways the sophomores gained from this event was a greater sense of confidence and knowledge regarding their summer experiences and tangible projects that will be useful to dozens of children across the city.

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