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March Madness is Coming!

The month of March is a great time for basketball fans because March Madness begins. That means that the NCAA basketball tournament will take place. The NCAA tournament is a win or go home college basketball tournament between 64 teams to see who will be crowned champion. For a tournament like this, there are always teams that are believed to have the best chance to win it all ( Dayton, Gonzaga, Michigan St., Baylor, and Kansas). However, the beauty of a tournament like this is that it is never a good idea to count out the underdogs. Every year there is always that one team that makes a cinderella run and goes farther than expected (Butler 2010 and Davidson 2008). The tournament will begin on March 17 during Spring Break and conclude on April 6, so if you have plans to watch the tournament make sure you get comfortable because there’s going to be a lot of basketball from beginning to end

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