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6 Ways to Survive the Holidays

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

The holidays only come once a year, the time of bonding, eating, and spreading holiday cheer. Although this is a yearly tradition, the food may alter your memory of the unsaid holiday rules.

1. Make sure your outfit is on point.- Although we are all sitting around the table this is a time to dress to impress and show your family members how much you have grown up.

2. Don’t eat and run!- Say hey to the family and answer the millions of questions they have about school and your future.

3. Plan your college responses NOW! - The questions are bound to happen so get your little pitch ready for the following questions. Have you decided what college yet? What are you going to major in? Are you going to forget about us? Nothing worse than being put on the spot, so get prepared.

4. SAVE your appetite. - The best food comes at this time of year. In order for us to appreciate the hard work and dedication put into every component of our plate, we must starve until the food is ready. Unless you brought your aluminum foil...Actually, just bring it anyway.

5. Don't open presents until the holidays - Self Explanatory...

6. Talk to your family! Don’t be the one “always on that phone.” Get up and talk to your cousins, uncles, or grandparents. Make memories that you can laugh about in the holidays to come.

With these simple but important rules, we will survive the best holiday of the year! Who is Excited? What’s your favorite food on the Holiday menu?

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