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Continue to Be A Positive Force in The Lives of Our Students

As I reflect on how life has changed during COVID-19, I remain ever thankful. At a time when most relationships are virtual, I am reminded of the value of mentoring. Mentoring is still about building relationships. Although you can’t meet with your mentees face-to-face, connecting with your mentee is now more important than ever. To ensure physical distancing does not mean social disconnection.

You have made a wonderful and very important decision in choosing to become a REACH Memphis mentor. If you’ve reached this conclusion, you’ve realized that we continually need mentors.

I need your help. Recruitment plans from previous years will definitely not work in our New Normal. Think of your family members, co-workers, casual acquaintances – who

do you think would make a great mentor? There will definitely be questions that they’re going to have for you regarding being a mentor at REACH Memphis. Here are some that have been asked over the years. I’ve taken the liberty to provide answers for you:

  • What is the time commitment? Only four hours per month is required.

  • What age of youth would I be working with? High school sophomores, juniors, seniors, and college freshmen.

  • Will I work with one student or a group of students? REACH Memphis offers several mentoring models: you can work with a student in a 1:1 relationship, in a group mentoring model, or in a scholar group. You can also become a facilitator or tutor.

  • Is mentor training available? You will receive training from REACH Memphis and the Child Advocacy Center.

Please impress upon the prospects that they can help students learn specific skills, pursue an interest, help with schoolwork, and be a caring adult friend. Thanks for helping me recruit and I am hoping to hear from you with names and contact information of

prospective REACH Memphis mentors!

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