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6 Tips for Successful Spring Cleaning

As you all may know, Spring is almost here with flowers and pollen. This is also the time of year for change and cleansing. Here are six tips from LeadOne for spring cleaning:

1) If you are done with certain clothes, donate them to organizations or hand them down to relatives.

Bonus Tip: If there are certain clothes that you ADORE, turn them into pillows with fluff.

2) You may know where everything in your room is located, but it is also good to add some spice and change it around. People like stability but they have a thirst for change.

3) You may be so adapted to the smell of your house that you may not notice it. Try out some new scents from candles, incents, or even Febreze this spring.

4) Phones are with us throughout most of the day but how much do you clean them? Give your phones or any technology a good internal and external wipe down.

5) Writing down goals is one of the biggest motivators you can have. Having a new set of goals is a winning mindset.

6) There is always time for mental health. Some ways that you can de-clutter your mind are meditation, exercise, reading, and etc.

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