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6 Most Important Resolutions for the Decade

The new year presents the perfect opportunity to work on anything you find yourself lacking in. It’s a fresh start, the beginning to an entirely new round of holidays and celebration, and all in all, a time worth looking forward to. That being said, a new DECADE should be doubly anticipated. As members of REACH Memphis, we are all in various stages of our high school careers, but we all have one thing in common as well. That is the fact that this new year and decade will be full of life changing events. Whether that’s going off to college, starting college applications, or even just going on a summer experience, we all have something to look forward to. The best way to ensure we take full advantage of these life changes and any other opportunities that come our way, is by making resolutions and promises to ourselves. Here is a list of LeadOne’s 6 most important resolutions for the new decade:

1. Stop procrastinating - We are all guilty of it and all know that it causes undue stress. So, let’s do ourselves a favor in 2020 and start being proactive. 2. Get enough sleep! - In order to be happy and healthy, the human body has to receive appropriate amounts of rest. An all-nighter every once in a while will not be the death of you, but make it a priority to get to bed a decent time. You will definitely see a difference! 3. Study, S t u d y, STUDY! - Whether it be for classes or standardized tests, study whenever you can! The better scores and grades you make, the more scholarship money you get! (Utilize the ACT study resources that REACH Memphis provides). 4. Spend less time on technology - Make an effort to spend less time in front a screen and more time with friends, family, and colleagues. (Unless you’re reading the blog of course!) 5. Take care of yourself - Make sure you feel good in your own body! So if that means drinking more water, doing a face mask, working out, or anything else , DO IT!

6. Be an active REACH participant - REACH has lots of resources and opportunities available for all students, but you can only take advantage of them if you participate!

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