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5 Resources to Support Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is known as the month of pumpkins but it is also Breast Cancer Awareness Month. “Breast cancer is a disease in which malignant (cancer) cells form in the tissues of the breast,”

(National Breast Cancer Foundation Inc.). It’s a chance for organizations, such as the

National Breast Cancer Foundation Inc. and Breast Cancer Now , to bring attention on

the importance of early detection, treatment, the impact on a person and their family,

and the education on breast cancer.

This year’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month will look different than previous years.

2020 has caused a stop on to the world with a pandemic. Coronavirus has caused

schools and events to go virtual , including Breast Cancer Awareness. Now National

Breast Cancer Foundation Inc. has been hosting live streams in order to raise

awareness in this virtual setting. Breast Cancer Now has given a chance to aid people

to host virtual pink events in order to fundraise.

Not only has Coronavirus has affected the raising awareness aspect of breast cancer

but also the access to getting tested and treatment. Breast Cancer Now reports that in

the UK , for example, that “almost one million women has missed vital breast cancer

screening” due to this current pandemic. That delays detection and treatment success

for thousands of women. Most doctors all around have shifted their research to

Coronavirus and have limited appointments with the growing number of cases on the

daily. This has caused extended waiting periods for getting scans and results.

In order to ensure there’s access and medical resources for hospitals to provide

breast cancer treatment, hosting virtual fundraisers and resource panels have been put

in place.

You can get involved by wearing pink , the official color of Breast Cancer Awareness, to

your next zoom class or sign up for a virtual event on the National Breast Cancer

Foundation website. If you are able to, then donate some money to the foundation. A

dollar goes a long way. If you do not completely understand or want to learn more,

educate yourself on Breast Cancer by going on the following resources :

● National Breast Cancer Foundation Inc.

● Breast Cancer Now

● How Pink Became the Color of Breast Cancer Awareness Month



● American Cancer Association : Breast Cancer

● Cancer Treatment Centers of America : The Difference: Male Breast Cancer and

Female Breast Cancer



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