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Welcome To Celebrate 2020 Virtual Edition!

2020 is a year that history will remember.  It is changing how the world lives, altering the milestones that historically have celebrated moving to adulthood – proms, graduations, college visits - and so much more. It has pulled some things apart at the seams, and bound others better than ever imagined.  We at REACH Memphis have had to pivot quickly to be sure that our mission – preparing our students for success in college and career – adapted to the new order of what the future may be.

In the coming weeks we will honor our students’ achievements, recognize some of the many who make REACH Memphis possible, and acknowledge that Celebrating online is our small way of celebrating the beauty and value of the Students who call REACH Memphis family.  This year’s theme, Never Out of REACH, is the students’ way of sharing through videos, words, and photographs, what it means to be a part of REACH Memphis.

Running REACH Memphis is a daunting task.  Only with funds from our donors, the skills of our volunteers, the consistent dedication of our mentors, and the willingness of our parents/caregivers, are we – a staff of six – able to fulfill the mission of preparing your students for success in college and life.  To each of you, I thank you for believing in us and I invite you to “Never Be Out of REACH” with us. 

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