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REACH Memphis Mentoring Presents...

Happy Birthday!

Party Cake

Dr. Pepper Totten-8/01

Cubdeerix Robinson-8/02

Nathalia Vargas-8/05

Colleen McCartney-8/06

Alfred Dyson-8/16

Veronica Mitchell-8/18


It’s officially Girl Scout Cookie Season!


Girl Scout Cookie season is practically its own national holiday. Once the scouts begin selling cookies outside of stores nationwide, it can turn into a complete battle for the last box of Samoas, Tagalongs, or Do-si-dos. Girl Scout Cookies have a history of over 50 flavors, previous and current. Each flavor can’t be ranked because of their short time being noticed. Not all Girl Scout Cookies are created equal, so to each its own. Take a moment to join the fun & vote on your favorite cookie see the results in next month's edition. 

Previous Poll Results-Who Should Have Won the Woman of the Decade Award?

Beyonce-19 votes (Winner)

Rihanna-9 votes

Nicki Minaj/Cardi B-2 votes each

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