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Thank you for being a part of the A.I.M. (Allies Impacting Moments) Mentoring Program. Our mission is to increase social and emotional support through the critical moments and transitions that our students will encounter.  

Fun local events to do with your mentees in person. Learn more about each other while having a great time together.

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Activities to do with your mentees without leaving your house. Have a great time knowing each other from your comfort zone.

Topic of Month: Completing Goals

The topic of this month is Completing Goals. Seniors are in the process of filling out applications for both colleges/universities and scholarships. FAFSA sign-ups opened on October 1st and most of the seniors have to fill it out. They are in the middle of applying to universities and colleges. This is the chance to check up on your mentees to make sure that they are keeping up with deadlines for both schools and scholarships. 


This video explains what are some of the best websites to look at when looking for scholarships. It gives mentees a place to start looking when they are looking for scholarships for school. 

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This article by gives ten quick tips for winning a scholarship. These things should be in the mind of your mentees when they are applying for scholarships. 


This article by Capital One breaks down what is the definition of scholarships, the different types of scholarships, and how to find scholarships. It also gives four tips on finding scholarships for college students. 

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