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Our Supporting Cast

REACH Memphis could not be a success if it were not for the help of our donors, parents,  board members, staff, and volunteers throughout the city that helped us recruit in the midst of a pandemic . We celebrate you!

To Our Donors

To Our Parents

During this pandemic, we often hear the need to pause, to take a moment and step back from the concerns of the present environment.  We at REACH Memphis take this moment to pay special tribute to our parents. YOU have taken on whatever role you needed to in order to ensure that your child continued to grow academically and emotionally during these times of stress and chaos.  We thank you for being sure that REACH Memphis remained a viable part of your child’s life.  Whether it was by telephone, zoom, group chat, or other use of technology, YOU made it possible for your child to continue to prepare for college and for life’s journey moving forward.  We count YOU as a supporter, friend and role model of our values - Responsibility, Excellence, Accountability, Community, Honor.  To each of YOU, thank you for believing in us and for celebrating with us.

Recognizing our Excelsior Donors and welcoming those who reached out in support during these unusual times

Excelsior Donors

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Adams
Baptist Memorial Health Care
John D. Buckman Trust
Butler Snow Foundation
Dawn Campbell
Cheryl and David Delbrocco
Robert Fogelman and Family
Lisa Frieson

Gerber Taylor
Germany Ballintyn Education Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Jerrold Graber
Patricia Hooks Gray
Memphis Grizzlies Foundation
Julia Hurwitz
International Paper Foundation
Jay Uiberall Foundation
Sylvia Goldsmith Marks Fund and Carol and Bert Barnett
Warren Milnor
Lane Moten
Mitchell Moskovitz
Nucor Steel Memphis
Amit Parikh
Gadson William Perry
Margaret Ryan

Liinda and Ronny Sklar
Jill Shanker
Jennifer Sneed
The Brinkley Foundation
The Day Foundation
Molly and Jason Wexler
Darryl Williams


In Honor of Robert and Kathleen Hagan
Lisa Webb

In Honor of Barbara Watts and Diana Farr
David Moinester

In Honor of Bitsy Kasselberg
Lucy Davidson

In Honor of Jed Dreifus
Nancy and Louis Brenner
Margaret Ryan

In Honor of Marica Franklin
Lane Moten

In Honor of Ray George
Elizabeth and John Aaron
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Allen
Leslie and Melville Alridge III
Carol and John Bachmann
Rhonda and Nic Ballintyn

Carol and Bert Barnett
Robert Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Allan Bryant
Judith and Carl Carlson
The Chase Family
Barry and Susan Chase
Kay and Thomas Clark
Kay and Joe Clark
Stephanie Cobbs
Ashley and Mac Coffield
Margaret and Bill Craddock
Kim Deneka
Carol Franklin
Lisa Freison
Linda and James Garner
Ingrid Gentry
Keith George
John Good
Maureen and Dave Grinnell
Sid Hodges
Beth Hollahan
William Howard 
Barbara and William Johnson
Cheryl and Don Johnson
Barbara and Meryl Klein
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Lake
Dannette Laurie
Mr. and Mrs. James Liles, Sr.
Cash McCracken

Rodgers Menzies
Patricia Meyers
Mr. and Mrs. David Moinester
Lane Moten

Suzanne Nappier
Mr. and Mrs. E C Oliver, Jr.

Margaret Ryan
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Schadt, Jr.
Peggy Seessel
Paul Sparks
Bob Tessler
Ina Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Royce Vickery
Lisa Webb

Nancy Willis


In Honor of Jane Walters
The Jetti Bowen Family
Jack and Terry Brown
James and Joy Coleman
Carol Johnson Dean
John Garner
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Gibbons
Raymond Glotzbach
Shannon James
David Lam
Eva Lang
Mr. and Mrs. Mark LeMay
Kim McQueen
Betty Milam
Tammi Miyahara
Christopher Nemec
Barbara and Keith Price
Margaret Ryan
Linda and Ronny Sklar
Ric Smoothe
Ann Tivers
Terri Wade
Nancy Walker
Allison Wannamaker
Martin Weiss

The Ray George Leadership Legacy Fund

Honoring the Life and Dedication of Ray George
December 1, 1947 – March 28, 2020

Ray George believed. He believed in our mission, he believed in the abilities of our staff and other
mentors, and he believed in the value of every student he worked with. We will miss him…his smile, is
enthusiasm, his dedication.

Thanks to the generosity of Rhonda Germany Ballintyn and Nic Ballintyn, the Ray George Leadership
Legacy Fund has been established. One of the more significant gifts received by REACH Memphis, this
fund will continue Ray’s legacy and ensure that future REACH Memphis students learn from his
enthusiasm and commitment to self.

To Our Board of Directors and Staff

Board of Directors 

Ashley Adams

Andrew Bailey

Dawn Campbell

Warren Milnor

Ken Moody

Mitchell Moskovitz, Vice Chair

Lane Moten, Secretary

Amit Parikh, Treasurer

Gadson William Perry, Chair 

Jill Shanker

Jennifer Sneed

Candace Tate

Edward Vaughn

Lisa Webb

Darryl Williams

Honorary Board Member

Jed Dreifus



Margaret RyanExecutive Director 

Dr. Lauran James, Director of Mentor and Volunteer Services

Pamela Jackson, Director of Admissions & Summer Placements

Candace Haggans, College Readiness Counselor

Bitsy Kasselberg, College Readiness Counselor 

Constance Smith, Administrative Assistant 

Kelian Ortiz, Intern

Jalen Bogard, Summer Intern

Thanks to Keith Price for being a special participant in operations at REACH Memphis.

Thank you to all of those volunteers who gave up their time to help with recruitment. We are so thankful for all of you. 

Katrina Arije

Melissa Berretta

Cory Newson Broughton

Magan Collins

Joyce Davis

Chiara Grady

Doris Jones

Carol Kilgore

Sherri Lee

Gadson William Perry

Deonna Pirtle

Torri Rayford

Rochelle Robinson

Jennifer Sneed

Jalonda Thompson

Lisa Tynes

Marcus Watson

Glynis Williams

Special Thank you to the EACH ONE REACH ONE Contest Winner: Maya Arije
Thank you helping us recruit students within your school 

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