Our Supporting Cast

REACH Memphis could not be a success if it were not for the help of our donors, parents, local guidance counselors, board members, and organizations throughout the city that make allow us to use their spaces for our events. We celebrate you!

To Our Donors

To Our Parents

During this pandemic, we often hear the need to pause, to take a moment and step back from the concerns of the present environment.  We at REACH Memphis take this moment to pay special tribute to our parents. YOU have taken on whatever role you needed to in order to ensure that your child continued to grow academically and emotionally during these times of stress and chaos.  We thank you for being sure that REACH Memphis remained a viable part of your child’s life.  Whether it was by telephone, zoom, group chat, or other use of technology, YOU made it possible for your child to continue to prepare for college and for life’s journey moving forward.  We count YOU as a supporter, friend and role model of our values - Responsibility, Excellence, Accountability, Community, Honor.  To each of YOU, thank you for believing in us and for celebrating with us.

To Our Counselors

Lance Allred -Central

Chandra Boddie- Hollis F. Price

Tamara Bradshaw-Kingsbury

Lacrecia Bratcher-Cordova

Tamela Brown Malone- WhiteStation

Regina Carter- Central

Kyeshia Carter- Martin Luther King Preparatory School

Hewitt- East

Tamara Jones- Middle College

Myra Key- Sheffield

Brenda Lawson-Melrose

Sherri Lee- Germantown

Tonya Lovett- Odie- Craigmont

Lauren McCain- Soulsville

Stacey Thompson- Director

Traci Townsel- Whitehaven

Marquita Wakefield- MASE

Adrian Walker-Manassas

Relista Ward- Memphis School of Excellence

Shalonda Williams- Booker T Washington

Chiedza Zimutou- Sheffield

Patricka Cole- Mitchell

Ashley Currie-Millington 

Elyessie Donald -Southwind

Ellen Douglass- Arlington

Leslie Fleming- Whitestation

M. Gibbs-Jackson- Douglass

Heather Heaston- White Station

Carnell Mitchell- Bolton

Tranese Nelms- Central

Brenda Pilant- Bartlett

Deonna Pirtle- Bolton

Linda Pruitt- Whitehaven

Lundell Rivers- Overton

Jeremy Smith- Bolton

To Our Board of Directors and Staff

Board of Directors 

Chair: Gadson William “Will” Perry

Treasurer:  Amit Parikh

Secretary: Lisa Webb

Past-Chair: Warren Milnor

Ashley Adams

Drew Bailey

Dawn Campbell

Mitchell D. Moskovitz

Lane Moten

Jennifer Sneed

Candace Tate

Ed Vaughn

Darryl Williams



Margaret RyanExecutive Director 

Dr. Lauran James, Director of Mentor and Volunteer Services

Pamela Jackson, Director of Summer Placement

Bitsy Kasselberg, College Counselor 

Candace Haggans, College Counselor

Constance Smith, Administrative Assistant 

Kelian Ortiz, Intern

Thanks to Keith Robinson for being a special participant in operations at REACH Memphis.

Thank you to the many organizations, institutions, and groups that donated space to support our


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