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Thank You Mentors!

Trustworthy. Good listener. Confidant....

Friend. Tutor. Reliable. Advocate. Role model…

These are just a few of the words that come to mind when we think of our REACH Memphis mentors. When the pandemic led to months of isolation our mentors quickly adapted to virtual mentoring, going above and beyond to stay connected with our students, staff and with each other.  Their words of encouragement and actions of support became the benchmarks of positivity and growth for our students.  We celebrate the work of our magnificent mentors and thank the Grizzlies Charitable Foundation for making this program possible throughout this most extraordinary year.


Dr. Lauran James


Mentoring Groups

IMG_20201001_124729 (1) (3).png

Junior League


Mark Blakemore
Isaiah Hawkins
Kylie Jackson
Na'Dayisha Lott

Courtnei Powell
Rayvn Webster
Amya Williams



Yvonda Higgins
Colleen McCartney
Tenika Riley
Quentasha Williams
Simone Washington

Marian Thomas
Carla Collins
Deborah Kelly
Kiera Harvey

IMG_20201001_124729 (1) (4).png

Group 1


Myles Bradford
Kenedi Garrett
Kiara Holloman
Kasidi Jordan

Jaila Kimbro
Nyla Mull
Sean Patton
Dominique Scott


Bryce Little 

Robert Arnold 

Carolyn Thompson 

Ambrianna Scott

IMG_20201001_124729 (1) (2).png

Southern School of Optometry


Rachel Bonner
Morgan Brown
Julian Brown
Matthew Brunson

Lydia Griffin
Kelsey Pegues
Imani Waller
Lauren White


Aaliyah Cole
Ellita Mezgebu
Lindsey Tillery
Maria Bontrager
Shane Benally

Ashlee Hobson
Gabby Gafford
Karen Talens
Kelly Nguyen
Shelby Wilkes

IMG_20201001_124729 (1) (5).png

Group 2


Mariza Castaneda Sanchez
Kyndal Gladney
Christopher "Ting" Key

Voniyah Plez
Aniya Rodgers
Evelyn Rodgers



Shan Arnold
Marvin Brown
Magan Collins
Tonya Hill

Rev. Donald Letcher
Lisa Webb
Ranita Hafford-Johnson

Scholar Group and Student Leader Mentors

Smith & Nephew Scholars
IP Business

Smith & Nephew Mentors

Pam Cherry
Fred Levko

Roeshell Robinson
Yarnelle Waller

IP Business Mentors

Rosalind Cooper
Alexus Laboo


Brianna Reid
Alexia Wallace

NSBE Scholars

National Society of Black Engineers Mentors

Quincy Beasley
Jessica Beasley


Law Mentors

Dean DeCandia
Prince Chambliss
Gadson William Perry


Student Executive Board Mentor

Greg Gibson

Screen Shot 2021-06-02 at 7.34.42 PM.png

LeadONE Communications Council Mentor

Rosilyn Rayborn

A Special Thank You to the many facilitators and volunteers that helped make these Scholar Groups a success! 



Robert Arnold
Shan Arnold
Olumide Aruwajoye
John Bachmann
Cynthia Bardwell

Jessica Beasley
Quincy Beasley
Shane Benally
Maria Bontrager
Marvin Brown
Pamela Cherry
Aaliyah Cole
Carla Collins
Evan Collins

Magan Collins
Rosalind Cooper
Audrey Croley
Diana Dalton
Ted Davis

Jenni Falkof
Carol Franklin

Catherine Garret- McElroy
Gail George
Greg Gibson
Timothy Gibson

Ranita Hafford
Jennifer Hagerman
Yvonda Higgins

Tonya Hill
Melody Holt
Marissa Hunt
Judge Rhynette Hurd
Julia Hurwitz
Deb Ireland
Deborah Kelley
Alexus LaBoo
Reverend Donald Letcher
Fred Levko
Bryce Little
Leigh Mansberg
John Mansfield

Kristina VanMeter
Ellitia Mezgebu
Colleen McCartney
Colby Mitchell
Lindsey Morgan-Tillery
Gadson William Perry
Essence Pitts
Rosilyn Rayborn
Briana Reid

Maya Arije
Katrina Arije
Melissa Berretta
Cory Newson Broughton
Evan Collins

Magan Collins
Lauryn Davis
Joyce Davis
Tyler Finley
Chiara Grady
Doris Jones
Carol Kilgore

Sherri Lee
Gadson William Perry
Deonna Pirtle
Tytianna Pope
Torri Rayford
Myles Robinson
Roeshell Robinson
Jennifer Sneed
Jalonda Thompson
Porter Tynes
Lisa Tynes
Marcus Watson
Jada Wilder
Kendall Williams
Glynis Williams

Did we miss someone? Please let us know by emailing


We strive to help our students be the best version of themselves and that includes academically. We could not truly be living out our mission if we weren't able to offer tutoring when students needed help. We are so grateful for our dedicated mentors that took the time to regularly tutor our students on various subjects. Thank you so much for being the lifeline to our students! 


David Thompson

  Kalia Muhammad 

julia hurwitz 2 (1).jpg
RM 3Up Club.png

We would be remiss not to thank Julia Hurwitz, PhD for not only facilitating regular Math ACT Prep Sessions but for donating books, calculators, and gift cards to help prepare and motivate our students.  Thank you Julia for all you do for our students!

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